Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center OpenScape Business

Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center OpenScape Business

Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center OpenScape Business integrated OpenScape Business Multimedia Contact Center allows you to improve customer service and therefore the satisfaction of your customers. Thanks to intelligent distribution of calls, your customers are quickly and competently served, and always connected to the suitable employee. In addition to call distribution, you can also offer customers e-mail or fax as methods for making contact. Just like voice calls, inquiries over these media are always automatically forwarded to the right employee. If all employees are busy, callers can also leave voice messages so that your employees can call back. This means no order is lost.


Flexible queue options

For the case when all of your employees (agents) are talking on the phone, individual queue options can offer various options to customers, e.g. individual announcement or forwarding to other service groups. Customers can also shorten their waiting times by leaving a message. Your employees then call back when there are less incoming new calls.

Agent in multiple groups

The competence of your employees can be utilized optimally by also enabling them in multiple Contact Center groups. An employee (agent) will then always first receive the calls from the group you have assigned to that person as the highest competence level: e.g. 100% in “Sales”, but only 80% in the “Service” group. The employee will receive calls for “Sales” as a preference.


To keep your employees always up-todate on Contact Center utilization, for instance, on how many callers are currently in the queuing mechanism, details can be displayed in real time on a large screen monitor or by a projector

Caller list

Detailed information on all calls, faxes, and e-mails made until now can be found in the caller list of the Contact Center. Search and sorting functions support fast retrieval of specific details.

Preferred agent

To improve personal support, the Contact Center can be configured so that a particular customer is always automatically transferred to his contact person.

VIP support

VIP customers can be transferred directly to free agents without having to wait for a long time in a queuing mechanism. This ensures that your VIP customers are always served quickly and no important order is lost.

Call number-dependent voice guidance

OpenScape Business can play individual announcements in response to the phone number of the caller. If you have international customers, for instance, the caller can always be addressed in his national language making him feel he has the best possible support.


OpenScape Business gives your employees time to take care of wrapping up theircustomer calls. The wrap-up time is individually configurable. Extended options can be recorded and subsequently evaluated, for instance, what the caller wanted: Order, information, complaint, etc.

Authorization level

Various authorizations can be assigned for the role of an agent (employee), supervisor (team leader) or administrator depending on the structure of your Contact Center.

Administration of the Contact Center

Depending on the assigned role (authorization level), the user has the capability of customizing various options individually and easily:

Contact Center clients


The myAgent client is the interface with which employees (agents) accept customer calls according to qualifications. Thanks to the integrated presence display, agents can quickly consult further experts because the agent can immediately see which expert is free at the moment and can therefore support him. myAgent ensures that your agents always identify how many callers are still in the queuing mechanism, and they can then react appropriately.

Depending on the assigned roles (authorization level), more than 20 predefined reports can be produced, for instance, to see how many calls each agent
has accepted.

Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center OpenScape Business


myReports enables production of statistics on the utilization of your Contact Center, sorted according to different criteria, and provides more than 100 other report templates.

Attendants and Company AutoAttendant

Depending on the selected UC solution (UC Smart or UC Suite), different attendant clients are available to you (as an attendant console). Business Attendant is the attendant client for UC Smart. The client recommended for UC Suite is myAttendant. Business Attendant can also be used for this as an option.

Business Attendant

Business Attendant is the classic attendant console and is ideally integrated on a PC: waiting calls, active, held, and parked calls are always in view. Additionally, it provides information on the busy state of extensions as well as the presence state of subscribers. The status of subscribers can be changed in Business Attendant. All functions can be performed using either the PC keyboard or mouse buttons. The busy fields for subscribers can be individually customized for optimization of workflows.


myAttendant is a user-friendly attendant console and optimally combines telephone functions with OpenScape Business UC functions. In addition to the classic call handling functions, an additional focus is on the management of UC Suite. The presence state of subscribers is displayed and can be managed. All UC functions are united in the Message Center and round off centralized accesses to voice, fax, and immediate messages (of course only with approval of the individual subscriber).

Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center OpenScape Business

Company AutoAttendant

Automatically transfer incoming calls that arrive at the central enterprise number. Utilize the capabilities of information announcements combined with automatic call handling after key input by the caller. AutoAttendant enables individual customization to the workflow in your enterprise, whether an advertising announcement or individual announcement tree (Press 1 for Sales or 2 for Service…). The available schedules extend the deployment options, since workflows can be automatically switched over depending on the weekday and time, for instance, incoming calls can be automatically forwarded to the night position. An announcement can be played that is customized for the incoming phone number, for instance, in the language of the caller. Of course, existing announcement texts or professionally recorded announcements in WAV format can be imported.

Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center OpenScape Business

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